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COVID 19 Update

Unfortunately due to the current Coronavirus crisis I have had to make the very difficult decision to cancel this years touring pantomime.

During every pantomime season for the last fourteen years, at least one member of the cast has become ill but “the show must go on” and our team paints on a smile and pushes through. This year, that same “Doctor Theatre” spirit simply could not work.

Whilst I’m certain that audiences could be kept safe with social distancing measures strictly adhered to, should one actor become ill the whole cast would have to self isolate. This means we would have to have several standby casts fully rehearsed up and waiting to go at a moments notice. For a small touring theatre company like Pocket Panto, who receive no funding from any external source, this would simply not be workable.

There is also the remote possibility that we could end up sending an asymptomatic cast all across the county. This doesn’t even bear thinking about.....

I appreciate that this is probably not the best news that you will be hearing today but I can honestly say that this has been a truly heart-breaking decision for us. Not only will we undoubtedly suffer financially over this period but we will miss visiting the families in your community at the most wonderful time of year.

This won’t mean the end of Pocket Panto and I look forward to putting on tours just as soon as it is possible for us to do so safely.

I hope you can understand our reasons for this and aren’t too disappointed.

Our one off performances of our other popular shows will continue as normal.

Many thanks

Take care

Darren Johnson

Director Pocket Panto

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